Pre natal classes

Nutrition - Labor I - Labor II - Postpartum - Breastfeeding - Baby care - Doc's Talk

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Post Natal Classes

Exercise - First-Aid - Baby Gym - Babymassage - Nutrition - Moms Massage&Detox - Pediatric Talk

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Pre & Post Natal - Mom's Yoga - Birth Ball - Breathing Techniques - Mat&Back Strenghtening - Roving Body - Visualisation Techniques

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Maternal Reflexology

Constipation - Anemea - Hearthburn - Gestational Diabetis - Labor - Nausea

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Online Classes

All Pre_Natal classes can also be done online

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About our team

Being Mom educates and guides pregnant women with sessions on Trimesters, Breastfeeding, and Baby care, Postpartum, Labor and Exercises.

Being Mom brings to you what mothers, midwives and doctors have in the past but don't anymore- That caring support. We crave in today's day and age when we have an overdose of information but no discretion, lots of friends, but only on the Facebook, many specialist doctors, but no personal attention, someone who can guide you and most of all LISTEN to you.

"Being Mom" is there to guide you every step of the way with personal attention, helpful tips, latest information and traditional care. Whether it is about your diet, exercise or breastfeeding, "Being Mom" will hold your hand and lead you through every experience so that you don't miss out any of the fun or excitement of Being Mom!

About Nina

Nina our maternity expert has a passion for pregnant bellies. She is a Certified Childbirth educator and has pursued her B.A.B.E from USA. She is also a lactation consultant and a certified maternal reflexologist.

Maiko, is a trained Nurse (from Japan) and brings in her pleasing and charming Japanese culture and persona to our Foot reflexology. She is also training to be a maternal expert and pursuing further studies in this field.

Carolina, a very amicable personality helping us in breastfeeding, labor and detox sessions. You will meet her on Tuesdays where be sure to get wonderful tips on integrating in Germany.

Welcome to Being a Mom!

Together we will make your pregnancy a succes




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